Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a serious concern among many people, and it can often affect a person’s oral and overall health. River Peak Dental offers sleep apnea treatment as part of our general dentistry treatments. Dr. Chris Poe, DDS, is an experienced and knowledgeable dentist who offers specialized treatment for patients suffering from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs while a person is sleeping that keeps them from receiving adequate oxygen. While the symptoms of sleep apnea occur during the night, the body often feels ramifications throughout the entire day. If you frequently wake up with a headache in the morning or you suffer from fatigue throughout the day despite getting a full night’s sleep, it is time to contact River Peak Dental. Dr. Poe will thoroughly evaluate all of your symptoms of sleep apnea in order to achieve an accurate diagnosis. Sleep apnea should always be taken seriously because of the serious complications that can arise from this condition. For accurate and effective sleep apnea treatment here in Ridgway, contact River Peak Dental today.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding

Snoring and teeth grinding can cause damage to your mouth and teeth. Snoring is often associated with sleep apnea because of how it interrupts people’s breathing. Snoring often causes breathing to stop and start repeatedly throughout the night, not allowing the body to recuperate its energy. Teeth grinding occurs when the jaw clenches together and the teeth scrape back and forth over one another throughout the night. Continual teeth grinding will wear down the tooth enamel, even causing cracks in the enamel, making the teeth extremely vulnerable to further damage and decay.

If your sleeping partner has repeatedly told you that you have a snoring problem or that you grind your teeth during the night, it is important to bring this to your dentist’s attention. At River Peak Dental in Ridgway, Colorado, we offer comprehensive dental services including relief from snoring and teeth grinding. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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