Dental Bridges

For complete dentistry services here in beautiful Ridgway, Colorado, River Peak Dental is the name to trust. We provide a full range of cosmetic dental procedures to restore the beauty and health of your mouth. Our entire dental team is committed to providing the highest standard of dentistry here in the picturesque, rural Uncompahgre Valley. We have brought the most modern and advanced technology to our practice in order to provide comprehensive dental care to all of our patients.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are fixed appliances that serve as replacement teeth for teeth that are missing inside the mouth. Dental bridges are an ideal solution for many dental patients because they offer a less invasive method for tooth replacement, and they can be color-matched to blend in with the natural teeth.

Dental bridges literally “bridge” the gap where there are missing teeth in a person’s smile. They are made up of two dental crowns that attach to the adjacent teeth on either side of the missing teeth and a replacement tooth that is in the middle. Dental bridges are a good option for patients because they not only complete a person’s smile, but they offer support to the neighboring teeth. When teeth are missing from a person’s smile, the integrity of the remaining teeth is compromised because the natural support system is incomplete. Dental bridges can provide support to the teeth by filling in the gap with a replacement structure.

River Peak Dental is proud to provide exceptional dental bridges. Dr. Chris Poe, DDS, offers his knowledge and skill in this cosmetic dental service that is customized to each individual mouth. Dental bridges also offer a cosmetic improvement to the mouth because they cosmetically improve the appearance of the smile by closing up spaces where teeth are missing. If you are a resident of Ridgway, Colorado, or the surround counties of San Miguel or Ouray, contact River Peak Dental today for excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

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