Cracked Tooth Repair

A cracked tooth is a serious dental issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance found throughout your entire body, but that does not make it invincible. Your tooth can be cracked by biting down on a piece of ice or hard candy, and a blow to the face (including being involved in a motor vehicle accident) can cause trauma to the teeth. Millions of Americans experience a cracked tooth each year, making it a common issue that dentists are able to repair right here with general dentistry.

Having a cracked tooth repair done as soon after the damage has occurred is very important in order to prevent decay from developing inside the tooth. If decay enters the inner layers of the tooth, the tooth can suffer irreparable damage. Pain is also commonly associated with a cracked tooth, making it essential that it is not ignored in order to relieve your discomfort.

Dr. Chris Poe, DDS, provides exceptional cracked tooth repair here in Ridgway, CO. While many people know the moment that their tooth is cracked, some teeth have minor cracks that are only identified during a comprehensive exam. Making and keeping your dental appointments is vital in the health of your teeth. River Peak Dental provides gentle and effective cracked tooth repair, so please contact us today.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Repairs to damaged teeth envelope quite a few different procedures. Dr. Poe is a qualified Doctor of Dental Surgery, and he can perform all needed tooth repairs right here in our office. At River Peak Dental, we understand that any damage to the tooth can leave it vulnerable to infection and decay. That is why we provide necessary repairs to damaged teeth. Our entire dental staff has the knowledge and experience to successfully repair damaged teeth and restore them to proper health in order to ensure that they will last you for a lifetime. Whatever your repair needs entail, you can rest assured that Dr. Poe at River Peak Dental will provide you with the repair treatment that you need.

Contact River Peak Dental immediately any time you suspect that damage to one or more of your teeth has occurred. We provide complete and gentle repairs to damaged teeth for full oral restoration.

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